Wesley is the class nerd. He is good at writing and loves books, so when his class takes a field trip to the ancient library in town, he is excited to go. He prepares an essay for the contest to be judged by the ancient curator, which is promptly confiscated by the class bully. While exploring the library with his friend Taylor, the two happen upon a terrified wild boy who seems to be straight out of a children’s book. Things only get stranger from there.

I thought this was a fantastic book. Having become an avid book fan at a young age, I could really identify with the Wesley, who loves books and writing. And when the children leave their middle school world behind, the descriptions and imagination of the author really pull you in to the story.

I plan on reading this book with my daughter (who is 6) after I read some of the old classics, such as Peter Pan and Wizard of Oz with her, so she can understand the plot a little better. I would recommend this book for any school aged children who love books, whether or not they have read these classics. I am confident that not only will they love this story, but they will want to read the books Eric Hobbs describes in the story as well.

I received this book free from Library Thing giveaways.