Daniel Polansky has created an intriguing world of Low Town – a slum in the winter time filled with despicable characters, citizens living in poverty and filth, drug trafficking and magic. Children are showing up dead – abused and sacrificed and the Warden, a former secret ops agent now leading a life of crime, can’t just stand by and wait for the next victim. So in a bid for his very life, he makes a deal with his former boss to find the culprit.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well written and interesting, the setting appropriately dismal with just enough goodness and innocence to make you root for the citizens who live there. I did figure out who the killer was early on, but I didn’t figure out the motivation until the very end, which kept me turning pages long past when I should have stopped reading to get a good night’s sleep. A great book for anyone who enjoys a mystery with a little fantasy mixed in. The perfect blend – not overwhelmed with magic and strange names, but enough magic to keep it fresh.

I received this book free from the Goodreads giveaway program.