Fiona is found on the beach, bleeding from a stab wound in her stomach, burned and bloody, with no memory. A year later, living with Hannah, the kind-hearted woman who found her and brought her to the hospital, she is no closer to remembering her past. She has a journal full of dreams that feel like memories and a couple of articles in a Boston newspaper detailing her journey and searching for her family. Then one day at the library she discovers a picture of her parents in a Physics magazine. She turns around to leave and runs right into James who she knows from her former life, but doesn’t remember how.

I enjoyed reading Finding Fiona, but found the setting a little dreary. The characters were well thought out and written and the dialogue flowed well, but I never really got a sense of Fiona’s surroundings. The book was 126 pages long and could have easily been longer and more detailed.

I did enjoy the plot and the ideas behind the story – girl searches for her past and finds many answers, most of them not very nice.

I would recommend this book to young adults, it is an enjoyable read and the end left room for more – if there is a sequel, I would like to read it.

I received this book from Library Thing giveaway.