Too Near the Edge is a mildly suspenseful story about Cleo, a grief therapist, who has come up with a way to help her clients make contact with deceased loved ones from the other side using a mirror. Cleo is introduced to Sharon, a recent widower, by a mutual friend. Sharon’s husband fell into the Grand Canyon. The authorities say it was an accident, a couple of people believe it was suicide, but Sharon is convinced it was murder. Cleo helps Sharon try and contact Adam to find the truth.

I found Too Near the Edge a light quick read, the kind of book that makes you want to guess who the killer is before it is revealed. I enjoyed Lynn Osterkamp’s style of writing and the dialogue between characters was casual and comfortable to read. I was pretty sure I had the killer figured out, right up until the end, when I found out I was wrong!

The only down side to this book was that there were too many different story lines going for such a short book. Some of the minor characters just popped in and out quickly, especially Cleo’s boyfriend. He didn’t really seem to fit in the story, other than he was Cleo’s boyfriend.

Overall, a good read. Would recommend this book to anyone looking for something light and quick to read.

I received the ePub version of this book free from Library Thing Member giveaways.