Heroes and Villains of the Bible is a fantastic children’s book for anyone who understands the power the Word of God has and would like to read scripture with their children, but has a hard time finding exactly the right passages to use. The best and most loved stories of the Bible – Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Jesus many miracles and conversations – are all here, written in actual scripture, to share with your children.

When I received this book, I browsed through it quickly and then handed it over to my six year old daughter who is just learning how to read. Immediately, she recognized quite a few names from Sunday School and dove right in. She read the first 20 pages before she took a break which really impressed me. So I sat down and read the book also, not expecting it to be anything more than another storybook about Bible Characters. I loved that the stories are actual scripture, put into a format that is easy and accessible to children. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with Children from 4 years to 12 years old.