Welcome to Coney Island, named after that amusement park left behind on Earth hundreds of years ago. Coney Island is a planet made up entirely of women from Earth whose ancestors left the men behind on earth, fed up with their war mongering, dirty and rude ways. They said they would eventually return, but after this long without men, they are not sure they want to. So they send Tritcheon Hash, ace pilot, to sneak into Earth and report back. As expected, this plan doesn’t work so well.

The book started pretty abruptly, right into the middle of Tritcheon’s boring day at work. I was lost for the first few chapters, not having an introduction to the planet and the new ways of Earth women. I understood intellectually that on a planet full of women, there would be no male characters, but the futuristic names and lack of character descriptions had me picturing males in my head, which made me even more confused.

The best part of this book is the time Tritcheon spent on Earth. The character descriptions improved, the dialogue and character interaction picked up. You could tell that Sue Lange really enjoyed the male characters of the book. They came alive in her writing.

As for the part of the story spent on Coney Island, it seems there was a lot of focus on a very few characters. It was hard to get a feel for Tritcheon when she had no interaction with others. Her children were never really described and as they were supposed to be so important to Tritcheon, it seems rather strange that I am not sure even what color hair they had.

Overall, I would say that the book kept me interested from the time Trichteon landed on Earth up until the point she left Earth. Before and after that could really have been longer and more descriptive.

I received this e-book free from Library Thing Early Reviewers program.