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Knight Moves by John Hartness

Two buddies live together as roommates, drink beer, play video games and reading comic books. Doesn’t seem like a good book does it? How about if those buddies are also vampires, one dresses in a superhero costume and they fight crime in their spare time? Puts a little twist on the story and sounds like a much better story.

And believe me, it is a MUCH better story. I thought that the plot of the book was fantastic, the characters well developed and the writing intelligent and witty but very easy to follow. John Hartness has written his vampires in a way that they could be ordinary people, if ordinary people drank blood to survive and surprised themselves with super human strength. The fact that these vampires are a little nerdy and read comic books just adds to the humor and lightheartedness of the story.

Knight Moves is book 3 of the Black Knight Chronicles series by John Hartness. Not having read the first two books, I thought it would be a good test of the books readability to start out in the middle of the series. I was able to read Knight Moves as a stand alone book and completely understand the story, which says a lot for the writer. I plan on reading the first two books of the series and I suspect that some of the references in the book, such as “cousin to a fairy” and “the time we battled a …(insert supernatural creature here)” will be expanded on. These comments did not detract from the story and actually made me curious about what the vampires had been doing before this book.

Overall, I was sad when the book ended. I had enjoyed reading it so much that the ending was frustrating. I can’t wait to find the first two books in the series and look forward to more books from John Hartness.

I received the EPub version of Dark Knight free from Library Thing giveaway.


Rich, privileged, on the verge of being accepted into Charleston’s elite social clubs, Jackson and Mary Lynn Scoville have worked hard to provide the kind of life for their three daughters that they never had. But does having everything really make you happy? Jackson is distant and domineering, Mary Lynn has become the kind of wife that has to bite her tongue, and the daughters have issues with insecurity, drugs and sneaking out. That is until two miracles happen.

Sunrise on the Battery is a moderate paced Cinderella story in reverse. Instead of the poor miserly princess getting the prince, the perfect family finds God. The descriptions of Charleston are beautiful, the language is kept natural and flowing. While the plot was somewhat predictable, Beth Webb Hart makes her characters change wildly from materialistic selfish people to outgoing radical evangelists. I was a little uncomfortable with this wild transformation, but it did make for a good story.

The overall spiritual message of the book was very inspiring. I could see a lot of my habits and downfalls in the characters and the life path that they choose spotlighted where my walk with Jesus could be better.

Overall, the book is a quick and easy read with a story that is a wholesome diversion.

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