A girl wakes up in a strange apartment in a strange town with no memory, not even who she is. The driver’s license with her picture says her name is Erin Rose. Also, there is a vampire bite on her neck. Strange enough for you yet? It gets better.

The character of Erin Rose is unbelievably simple. She gets a job and searches for clues about her past. She has a friend and eventually a boyfriend. You only find out about what Erin is feeling as the book goes on. The mood stays at dark and mysterious, slow and quiet throughout the entire story. Steve Perlow is excellent at describing a scene and making it real in your mind without being obvious. And yet I wanted to know more about Erin. I wanted to know what she was feeling when she awoke with no memory, how lonely she was with no friends and family.

The book held my interest by not providing me with enough details. I wanted to know more. Eventually, in the last couple of chapters I did find out enough enough about Erin to make the book worth while. While I was satisfied with the ending and am looking forward to reading the next book, I do hope for more action, more plot twists, and more information about Erin Rose – where she came from and who she was.

I received this book for free in the Epub format as a part of the Library Thing giveaway.