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In a Dog’s Heart is partially a book about the unconditional love that a dog has for all humans, partially a blasting of most of the training methods that are popular today, and partially a resource for training your dog.

The author has presented a very well written and well organized book for anyone who loves dogs. She kept the focus on the issue at hand in every chapter and highlighted her points well with true stories.

The unconditional love and first hand stories were well written and touching. I enjoyed reading about the lives changed by the service dogs that have been trained by the authors sanctuary. But I think that mentioning other people involved in the dog training industry in a negative light was a little over the top. Subtle use of the styles of training would have worked much better.

The training tips and appendixes at the back of the book would be helpful to a new dog owner when bringing the dog home for the first time.

I would love to see Jennifer write a book full of stories about the love of dogs that she has experienced or heard about in her organization. That was more what I was expecting out of this book.

I received this book free from the Goodreads giveaway program.


Imagine your fiance and your best friends wife and child were all raped and murdered in one terrible night. Would the court system provide enough justice to satisfy you? Or would you take matters into your own hands. No Justice is the story of one man who decided to do that, and then continue to do so for others who didn’t feel they would be satisfied by the system either.

Software designer by day, Michael Sykora’s hobby is vigilante hunter. He takes money to rid the world of people he has decided are evil enough not to deserve to live. Then, when an old friend calls out of the blue and asks for help, he may just get in over his head.

The characters in Darcia Helle’s book are deep, complicated characters with realistic feelings. In a word, fantastic! The plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat and this is a book that I couldn’t put down. The descriptions and the dialogue were well written, detailed and at times laugh out loud amusing.

I received the EPub version of No Justice free from Library Thing giveaway.

A girl wakes up in a strange apartment in a strange town with no memory, not even who she is. The driver’s license with her picture says her name is Erin Rose. Also, there is a vampire bite on her neck. Strange enough for you yet? It gets better.

The character of Erin Rose is unbelievably simple. She gets a job and searches for clues about her past. She has a friend and eventually a boyfriend. You only find out about what Erin is feeling as the book goes on. The mood stays at dark and mysterious, slow and quiet throughout the entire story. Steve Perlow is excellent at describing a scene and making it real in your mind without being obvious. And yet I wanted to know more about Erin. I wanted to know what she was feeling when she awoke with no memory, how lonely she was with no friends and family.

The book held my interest by not providing me with enough details. I wanted to know more. Eventually, in the last couple of chapters I did find out enough enough about Erin to make the book worth while. While I was satisfied with the ending and am looking forward to reading the next book, I do hope for more action, more plot twists, and more information about Erin Rose – where she came from and who she was.

I received this book for free in the Epub format as a part of the Library Thing giveaway.

What a fantastic book! The first couple of chapters were a little slow – Cora is a spoiled brat and her mother is overbearing but once Cora meets the Duke and begins to change as a person, I was hooked. I thought that the story was fascinating because of the honesty of the situation – despite being dukes and duchesses and rich people, they were faced with the same problems that each of us face – loneliness, overbearing families and refusal to face the truth of hard situations. The ending was the best part – Cora makes a very wise and mature decision and I was very satisfied with the entire book. I received this book as a part of the Goodreads First Reads.